1.8 x 125 x 75mm 1ww fence post

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1.8 x 125 x 75mm 1ww fence posts 15 year guarantee


1.8 x 125 x 75mm 1ww fence posts 15 year guarantee

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Timber is a natural living element that will absorb and release water to balance out with the changing seasons of the environment, as such can be subject to movement and weathering in the changing seasons.

Hanworth Timber Company Ltd does not accept liability for knots, cracks & shakes, Its common for cracks & splits to occur during drying and also warping of timber when it is allowed to dry too rapidly, this is a natural by-product of timber and is not considered as a fault. All movement no matter how large or small is classed as natural.

All of our timber is provided pressure treated green unless stated otherwise, please note when purchasing multiple timber products the colour can differ in variation, this can be associated with weathering, timber sourced from other country’s & mills.
We inform you of these natural causes to help with your judgement to use a timber product.


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